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Truck Mounted Cleaning Equipment

The advantage of a high powered truck mounted carpet and tile cleaning unit is the power, the water pressure or PSI and the higher temperature of the heated water for superior steam cleaning. It does a much better quality cleaning and extraction performance than a portable unit.


Edʻs CleaningWhy Truck Mounted Equipment is better than Portable Equipment

If you live in a fully or partially carpeted house, maintaining its cleanliness is a constant struggle. If you have children or pets, the task can become even more difficult. Carpet cleaning truck mounts are the most effective way to remove stains and odors and keep them from reappearing for a longer period of time.  A truck mounted equipment is a high powered machine that is capable of steam cleaning virtually all types of carpets (plush, industrial, Berber), but also area rugs, throw rugs, sofas, and automobiles and tile.  You can’t beat the power or the heat and the almost endless water supply of a truck mounted equipment.  A legitimate carpet cleaning service will employ the use of a truck-mounted cleaning system. These units consist of a large tank and an attached hose. The hose is used to suck water, dirt and debris from the carpet and transport it to the tank. Anything less than a truck-mounted unit may be no more effective than a typical vacuum cleaner.

Advantages of Truck Mounts:

  • Since all the solution tanks, cleaning products and waste tanks are mounted on the vehicle, there is no need for an exterior power or water source to carry out the cleaning process.
  • Truck mount carpet cleaning is a water-based vacuum-extraction cleaning system that is more powerful and can be more effective than solvent-based methods.
  • Carpet should be rinsed at 500 PSI or more, which a Truck Mount is capable of achieving this pressure and more.  The higher PSI helps to agitate the fibers, spots, and oils, and soil to remove them better.
  • Hotter the water, higher water pressure and better vacuum suction all mean a MUCH BETTER overall clean.
  • Great for tile and grout cleaning.
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