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Wondering How to Make Your Tiles Sparkle? We Have the Answer!

grout cleaning service

Have you ever wondered how wall and floor tiles sparkle with tile cleaning service? Have you tried to achieve this sparkly, clean vibe in your residential and corporate space? Tile grout contains the most stubborn stains one has ever imagined! In the following guide, we are going to share how the tile cleaning service from Ed’s Cleaning helps your floor shine like never before!

Tile cleaning service for cleaning tile grout

Cleaning the grout on tiles is the toughest cleaning task. No matter how many DIY ways you have implemented before, you never received the shine that you can achieve through tile grout cleaning service. Cleaning grout is necessary because it helps to keep your space looking clean & prevent the growing mold. Go through the below process before you hire an expert cleaning service.

Consider the type of grout

It is necessary to consider which type of grout you have. There are multiple grout varieties, each with a different color. Before you start buying cleaning supplies for grout removal, check which type of grout it is. The most common types of grout are Modern standard epoxy grout and classic cement grout. Some grouts are fade-resistant, while some are mildew—and moisture-resistant.

Scrub dirty grout

If you don’t have a grout scrubber, you can look for other cleaning supplies at the hardware store. It is recommended that you avoid using a hard steel brush. Instead, use a nylon brush with a medium bristle. When scrubbing the dirty grout, you should spray some warm water on the grout lines and then wipe them with a damp cloth. Now, you can softly scrub it with a circular motion. Now, give it some time to dry. 

Spray the grout by using warm water & vinegar

If you want to clean the grout using household supplies, you can try this method. Do you know that the grout has been sealed? Well, it accumulates an array of dirt and stains. You can take half the amount of warm water with half the amount of vinegar, then mix it well to create the solution. You can simply spray the vinegar mixture & now let the solutions dry for about minutes. After the solution is mixed properly, after 5 minutes, you can use this as a scrubbing agent. 

Use baking soda paste

When you use baking soda for grout cleaning, then it works as the cleaning powder or cleaning agent to remove the stained grout. To prepare this solution, you can mix your baking soda with a small amount of warm water. Now, make a thick paste on the grout lines. After that, spray the solution with warm water mixed with vinegar. You should wait for 15 minutes until the solution sits and creates bubbles. Now, use the soft brush for scrubbing and wash it with clean water. Let it dry by wiping it with a microfiber cloth. 

Utilize the solution of hydrogen peroxide

If you feel the grout is discolored, you can pour hydrogen peroxide into it to eliminate it. You can find this product in the drugstore. You have to be very careful when applying these solutions. You can either use it directly or use it with baking soda, which is the safer way. If you are concerned about the usage, you can hire Ed’s Cleaning, the tile grout cleaning service.

Utilize the oxygen bleach

To remove the dirty grout, you can use oxygen bleach to clean the stubborn stains. The powder form of this solution is available in the drug store. Before you use the oxygen bleach to clean grout, ensure the bathroom space or any other space where you are going to apply this is ventilated. Before you apply this, take proper time to read the instructions mentioned on the label. Once you apply the solution, let it sit for 15 minutes. After that, wipe the portion using a clean & soft cloth, and you are done!

Grout cleaning agents

When you hire expert cleaning professionals from Ed’s Cleaning, they use this technique. They quickly remove the mildew and mold on the floor and restore the brightness of the grout. When you hire tile floor cleaning services, the grout cleaners can do wonders by usually spraying & wiping. You should avoid using this by yourself because you have to be very careful when using it. You should read all the safety precautions and wear the necessary equipment. 

Tile grout is a basic problem, and many homeowners are experiencing this issue nowadays. Well, the good news is you can now clean it by using the array of solutions recommended by the experts of tile floor cleaning services. You can keep it looking great for the years by investing a few amounts. In the following guide, we have covered the effective ways of cleaning the tile grout and getting back the sparkly shiny floor in minutes using effective products. If you still have any questions, you can ask the experts at Ed’s Cleaning. 

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